Zeus the Duirmouse

Zeus, the beloved Duirmouse, also known as The Mouse (amongst various other pseudonyms) was born under Angi's washing machine in Taos, New Mexico in May 2009. After his parents were thoughtfully (albeit involuntarily) assigned to the Grown Mouse Relocation Program, Zeus crawled out from under the washing machine to reveal himself as an orphan. Pink, blind, deaf and bleating like tiny Who from Whoville, Zeus captured the hearts of Angi and Silas in a paw the size of a sunflower seed. And he wouldn't let go. Two years after his death, he still hasn't let go. The tiny paw grasps still, a clutch of love that still smells of whiskers and peanut butter.

I (Zeus' mom) am a born storyteller. A technicolor life has blessed me with oodles of great tales, but the one everyone wants to hear, from San Diego to Chicago to Prague, is the story of how I fell in love with a mouse. People smile when I tell of a mouse who lived in a hammock in my bra, traveling cross country with me; they giggle when I tell them of our hot air balloon rides and nights at the circus, and downright laugh when I admit it was not father nor brother, but mouse who walked me down the aisle at my wedding.

It was the littlest, biggest love affair I've ever had, and when he died, through tears I typed these words on Facebook: "Zeus died today. My heart has left the building..." They were the last words I uttered for a long time.

I've since found my words and am writing a book "Lost and Found: A Mouse's Tale" because of the thousands of folks who've read his story, or seen bits of it on youtube, then gone on to write me, expressing they feel strangely touched, pulled into an enchantment they cannot explain. I'm recording his tale, every word of it true, because of the laughter and sighs his story elicits. I've created this page because his life was little but his story quite large. And the legacy of love left in his wake only grows wider, larger.

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Meet Zeus!

Zeus in pictures

His life in pictures (Picture gallery on Facebook)


His Life in Movies

A Tribute

Lullaby for a Mouse

with music by Storm Large

Whirrr - The beginnings of an enchanted life

The Yawn - Zeus wakes from his nap

Lick a Lolly - Zeus shows off his tongue acrobatics

Lost and Found with Zeus (1 of 2)
How he stole away in the night
and eventually stole our hearts

Lost and Found with Zeus (2 of 2)
How he stole away in the night
and eventually stole our hearts

An original poem © Angi Sullins.
The tale of Zeus the mouse and Tink the chihuahua comes to an end, as the Lost and Found Odyssey returns home.

Book Project

Zeus the mouse is getting his own book! We are working on a picture book full of enchanting pictures illustrating his colorful life. If you’ve been touched by his story, we’d like to include your art in our book!
The last chapter will feature fan art dedicated to the little, big mouse.
If you’d like to create a piece of art for the book, please send us a high rez file (300dpi at 8.5×8.5 inches) to us.

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