Who We Are

We are Angi & Silas. We fell in love and vowed never to climb out. Our first date was at the circus, and since that late afternoon in 2003, we've endeavored over cotton candy and shelled peanuts to bring the magic and charm of the circus to you.

Angi and Silas

The circus isn't one thing, and neither are we. It's a little bit of this, a little bit of that. We paint, photograph, digitize and collage. We make books and short films. Angi slams poetry and Silas composes symphonies. Duirwaigh is the fairground where many of our art-children ride the tilt-a-whirl and then parade dizzily for your amusement.

Why We Are

Creative contagiousness is our passion. We make art 'cuz we want to. We make art 'cuz we want YOU to. Whether you make art on a canvas, on the page, on the dance floor, or on the stage of your life, you are a creator and it is our cherished wish that you tap that brilliant power. We create art because it is our way of following our bliss, and encouraging you to follow yours. Think of our paintings (and other creative projects) as breadcrumbs in the forest. We've made them so you can find inspiration along the path of your own creativity.

How We Are

Consciousness is our credo. We believe each product and experience should transport its audience through the portal of wonder and into the limitless realm of soul, where impossible things happen every day. With creative wild abandon and imaginative play, with a belief in the infinite possibilities of the human psyche, with feet on the ground and heads in the stars, we endeavor to knock at the door of the human heart, re-minding ourselves and each other that once upon a time is really here and now.

Wedding in Wonderland

Our magical wedding in Wonderland - See pictures and a slideshow of the event.

Our Studio

Want to catch a glimpse of where we create? Visit our studio page... here!

A Duirmouse?

Zeus' magnificience called for an extra page. And here it is - along with a link to his Facebook presence!

A Glimpse into the Past

To read an article about our early years, click here - or stroll down memory lane showcasing screenshots of past Duirwaigh incarnations on the web.