Duirwaigh, Multi-Media Studios

Duirwaigh Studios

Duirwaigh Studios (pronounced “Doorway”) is an in-house multimedia studio owned and operated by creative team Silas Toball and Angi Sullins. Their collaborative talents span a wide range of disciplines and medias that collectively have resulted in making millions of unique impressions on multiple platforms.

Their projects include co-publishing with companies like Hay House and self-published book titles (and DVDs) that range from children’s fantasy to inspirational adult self help sold on Amazon.

They also collaborate with leading creative houses who distribute several of their national greeting card lines that combine Silas’s compelling imagery with Angi’s smart, sassy and yet motivating life observations. As a result they’ve that built a loyal global audience online and through unique retailers like Whole Foods.


Publishing: Books, Calendars, greeting cards

Product design: packaging, skins and Creative Direction


Silas Toball: Portfolio, music composition and packaging

Angi Sullins: Profile, projects, events and workshops


Doorway has also created and implemented high concept projects within other genres like the music industry. Silas’s layered and complex images have attracted high-profile leaders within the progressive rock genre with his award-winning album art and packaging for bands like The Flower Kings - The most recent being the new release Invention of Knowledge by Anderson & Stolt.

Because Silas is himself an accomplished composer as well as an artist and technically savvy commercial graphic designer, his ability to collaborate with multi-media artists and visionaries offers his clients a rare sensitivity. His ability to translate their abstract visions into 3-D reality has been pivotal, making the interface between management, publishers and distributers seamless.


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