Hafiz Calendar 2015
Hafiz Calendar 2015

The poems of Hafiz, the esteemed fourteenth-century Sufi poet, are among the timeless treasures of world literature. In his native Persia – modern Iran – Hafiz is as alive and accessible today as he was to his contemporaries. Rather than being seen as stuffy classical literature from the remote past, his work is cherished as wisdom from a dear and intimate friend. His ecstatic love songs celebrate the beauty of the Beloved and playfully illuminate the sacredness of the world.

These modern versions, from A Year With Hafiz: Daily Contemplations by Daniel Ladinsky, bring to life all the tenderness, wit and lyrical beauty of the original verses. The poetry is paired with stunning collage artwork by Silas Toball of Duirwaigh Studios, whose lush imagery and rich color palette are inspired by the venerable tradition of Persian-miniatures, but with a decidedly contemporary touch. The Hafiz wall calendar is a jewel box of beauty and inspiration, honoring the relevance and reach of this ageless poet.

Illustrated by Silas Toball, Versions: Daniel Ladinsky


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