Doorways and Dreamfields: A True Fairy Tale

Flaming Muse

Every life is a fairy tale, but most of us fail to recognize the wondrous power of our story. Angi Sullins was blessed and cursed with a birth defect: the same wandering eyes that garnered teasing and torment on the playground, also allowed her to see visions of Otherwhere, while living fully in the Here and Now. Her unique vision gave rise to a belief that dreams come true and impossible things happen every day, even in the midst of tragedy. At 28 years old, a neck injury left Angi physically and emotionally paralyzed. Her wandering eyes, once a curse, became a golden ticket from devastation to triumph. Now she shares that vision with us in the memoir Doorways and Dreamfields: A True Fairy Tale, inspiring us to remember our magical origins by learning to see truly.

What people are saying

"You will believe you can fly!"

"From the first page, I was immediately inspired to unleash my creativity."

"...delicious to read. I did not put this book down."

"Prepare to be inspired and uplifted!"

"It had me laughing, crying, and laughing some more as it touched me to the core of my being!"

"Her life story serves as a great example of going from defeat to rising from the ashes to become a beacon of light."

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"Read this book and sip from the well of inspiration, for Angi is the guardian of that sacred stream. Like the best stories, Doorways and Dreamfields not only points out your direction, it reveals the fine art of soulcrafting; the practice and cultivation of a most extraordinary wonder even in the most ordinary moments... listen with every fiber of your heart and soul to this message from the Muse."
Tim Cambpell, publisher, Amber Lotus Publishing, Portland, Oregon

"I was utterly transported...her voice transports you to realms you've only glimpsed in your dreams."
Luisa Kolker M.A., LPC, Shamanic practitioner, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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