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Duirwaigh Studios

Are you aware that your life is a fairy tale in the making? Your once upon a time is here and now. Duirwaigh is our endeavor to remind you of your inherent, practical magic with each image, phrase and experience we create.

Put them down. Those thoughts you're carrying of "too much" and "not enough." They're heavy, and you've carried them too long. Instead, pick up the feather-weight of hope and the knapsack of wonder.

Our art is an invitation into the enchanted land of Remembering Who You Really Are. You're far more marvelous than you know.

Come. Let us remind you.


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Album art for Anderson/Stolt - Invention of Knowledge!

Canvas print available

“Invention of Knowledge” - Large sized limited edition (run of 50) canvas Giclées by Silas Toball.
Measures striking 60x25 inches (152x63cm). Numbered and signed by the artist. Ships from the US. - Price $790 includes shipping. Please allow 3 weeks for the order to be processed.

For more images of the album cover and packaging showcase click here.

Watch A Knock at the Door

Duirwaigh's first inspirational mini-film caused an unexpected international sensation. The stunning works of art from a wide range of leading contemporary fantasy artists are combined with inspiring text that leads the reader back to the magical place inside themselves. A Knock at the Door takes us to the beginning and end of every journey; a place of wonder and innocence, but above all a place of remembering - to the most magical secret place of all - the place of believing. A Knock at the Door makes a wonderful gift for friends and loved ones in need of a message of encouragement and inspiration.

Chihuahua Puppy Love - Spaghetti Style

Isabella, my chihuahua, only has a short time to live, so we're making beautiful memories and starring in our own Last Picture Show.

Follow her on Izzy's Blog. We wish you, and your four footed friends, enchanted days, beautiful nights, and memories that never fade.